Our customers

Our clients come from various sectors of activity: Entertainment, tourism, media, new technologies… and of several natures: medium and large private companies, cooperatives, associations, institutions… 


Since 2022 on the French territory, Alchimia Communication accompanies the MDLBEAST group in its international deployment through a strategy combining media and public relations.

MDLBEAST LLC is a music entertainment company committed to developing talent, building the regional scene and advancing the creative economy. MDLBEAST was formed following the success of its flagship festival, SOUNDSTORM, in 2019. Among its various focuses, it is the parent company of MDLBEAST Presents, MDLBEAST Records and XP Music Futures.

With a focus on artists and talent, MDLBEAST builds an infrastructure of talent and provides them with opportunities that place them on global stages. Likewise, through its own events and experiences, content, conversations, fashion and more, MDLBEAST helps build a thriving and economically sustainable music community in and for the region.


The Puy du Fou

The Alchimia Communication’s work since 2007 has allowed to set up the Puy du Fou as an unmissable theme park while highlighting what makes it special. The park remains one of our loyal customers who is reaffirming their trust in us year after year for nearly 15 years now.   

Created in 1977 and twice elected “Best Park in the World”, the Puy du Fou has invented a unique artistic model in the entertainment world. With 4 400 volunteers participating to “La Cinéscénie”, the association organizes the night show and owns the SAS managing the Puy du Fou (63 day and night shows, 4 period villages, 22 restaurants and 6 theme hotels) and employing 2 500 people. Since 2019, Puy du Fou España, at the edge of Toledo, enjoyed a great success and proved the universality of this artistic model. In 2021, the park is diversifying his activities with the creation of the Grand Tour, a “Belle Époque” train who will criss-cross France in 2023. In 2022, the Puy du Fou inaugurates “SAGA”, his huge Shanghai’s immersive show in China. The Puy du Fou aims to open other parks around the world in the coming years.   


The International Bartenders Association

Alchimia Communication accompanies the ABF (The International Bartenders Association) since 2019 in his digital strategy through social networks thanks to targeted, attractive and dynamic publications (videos, visuals, stories…), but also in their website management.  

The International Bartenders Association aims to promote and ensure the influence of the profession of bartending and bring together bar professionals. The ABF is the focal point between the bar professionals, the A.P.E.B (The Bar Teachers Association), the National Education, the C.O.E.T (Committee of Organization of the Exhibitions of Work) for the M.O.F (Best Worker of France), and also the partners and the representatives of the world of wine and champagne, spirits and soft drinks. 



The agency accompanies this organization in its display and works to maintain in the media the President position, Pascal Nègre, historical spokesman of music industry.  

Founded in 2016 by Pascal Nègre, #NP is a management and consulting agency for artists companies. In association with Live Nation France, a Live Nation Entertainment company, #NP is made up of a team of specialists in marketing, artistic, image and digital, at the artists service. 

le gouffre de padirac

The Caves of Padirac

In the middle of the health crisis, Alchimia Communication supported the development of a communication strategy based on public relations and web-reputation in order to bring more visibility to the brand and to position this highly place of interest as an unmissable site acclaims by the media. 

The Caves of Padirac is the monumental entrance to a natural cave, located in the French’s region of the Lot, with a diameter of approximately 35 meters. At the bottom of this chasm, at a depth of 103 meters, flows an underground river that runs through part of a large system of more than 55 kilometers. An incredible subterranean adventure. 

agence du don en nature

The In-Kind Donation Agency

Alchimia Communication assisted The In-Kind Donation Agency in the promotion and the strategic positioning of the big association’s annual high point: the In-Kind Donation week. The objectives of this collaboration: to stimulate its visibility and its national brand awareness and to mobilize the world of business and associations.  

Created in 2009, The In-Kind Donation Agency is a player in the circular economy. The Agency fights against exclusion through an innovative model of distribution of new non-food products. With the support of 130 companies and 680 associations network, The In-Kind Donation Agency redistributed 27 million euros of vital commodities to 850,000 beneficiaries in 2015. As an innovative digital player, the ADN has been awarded the Presidential label “La France engage”. 


Voyages-sncf.com / OUI.sncf 

For 9 years, Alchimia Communication accompanied the implementation of the brand’s corporate communication strategy and ensured the media coverage of all its internal and external activities.  

In 2016, Voyages-sncf.com started to trust to the agency which accompanied its digital strategy, its community management and its corporate e-influence. The adventure continued until 2018, the year of the rebranding: Voyage-sncf.com has become OUI.sncf. For the 30th anniversary of SNCF in 2011, the agency carried out the press and digital relations strategy.  

As it is France’s e-commerce leader, a subsidiary of the SNCF group, and France’s leading transport distributor, the brand is positioned as a major player in French tourism, and its website is visited by 75% of French internet users and sold 110 million tickets in 2018.  


Ministry of Culture

The agency has been appointed for the music festival in 2017 to handle its public relations.   

According to the decree on its attributions, the Ministry of Culture’s main task is to “make the capital works of humanity, and first of all of France, accessible to the largest number of people”. 

Fédération du commerce et de la distribution (FCD)

Trade and Retailing Federation

In 2015, Alchimia Communication supported the FCD in public relations consulting (press pack redaction and creation) as part of an awareness campaign of its “target audiences” during the 2nd edition of “L’OBSERVATOIRE ESSEC DE LA DISTRIBUTION RESPONSABLE”.   

The companies which are members of the Trade and Retailing Federation are committed to the daily challenges of consumers and retailing : purchasing power, employment and sustainable development are at the heart of this federation of French retailing professionals missions, just as much as strengthening the links between manufacturers, farmers, associations, administrations and politicians.    


Universal Music France 

From 1995 to 2016, Alchimia Communication accompanied its President, Pascal Nègre, and advised and managed the Universal Music France press relations.  

The adventure began in 1995 with PolyGram Music, which was bought out and became Universal Music France in 1998. As a music producer and publisher, the company’s repertoire includes the greatest local and international artists, covering all musical genres: pop, urban, popular, electronic, jazz and classical. 


Vivendi Village

Alchimia Communication accompanied Vivendi Village from 2015 to 2016, and all the component entities (My Best Pro, Vivendi Ticketing, Watchever, L’Olympia) on its press relations. 

Operational entity of vivendi group, besides Universal Music Group and Canal + group, Vivendi Village gathered service company with high potential development in the creation, distribution and physical exploitation of brand. All of these are at the heart of the current mutations of the digital economic. Vivendi Village employed 743 persons and operates on about ten countries in Europe and around the world.   


The Olympia’s stage

Alchimia Communication strengthened the visibility of the Olympia and transmitted the vision of its President on issues related to the organization of program and the economic life of concert hall.  

Concert hall of the biggest famous artist, but also a springboard for newcomer talent, the Olympia was under the direction of Arnaud Delbarre from 2002 to 2015. 



In 2014, Alchimia communication supported Digitik’s group on a mission of advice and supported mission on dedicated press relation. 

As a pure player, Digitk group is a pioneer in Europe of downloading tickets on mobile. Major actor on that area, Digitik integrated 3 activities: tickets distribution for public, creation and equipment for bow office solutions innovative completely on the web for professionals and legal resale of tickets between particulars. Digitik group dealed more than 20 million tickets in 2018, for thousands shows conceptor clients and for sporting, cultural and recreational events. 

Digitik, now which has become See Tickets in 2019, is a 100% Vivendi group branch and is a part of the Vivendi Ticketing entity. 



Alchimia communication launched in 2011, the information portal Altlantico.  

Created by Jean-Sébastien Ferjou, Atlantico is a pure player which brings a new point of view on current information based on the support of network contributors, experts … 

Our mission for this pure player was to build a strategic communication, handle press relations, guide its founder and develop editorials partnerships. 


Forum Netxplorateur 

Created in 2007 on the initiative of Martine Bidegain and Thierry Happe, now leader of Happening Co, the NETXPLORATEUR Forum aims to explore the prospects and opportunities of digital culture.

These forums have reunited more than 400 French decision-makers from the economic, institutional, political and media sectors. Many international players were present and led conferences or educational workshops to give the keys to understanding this culture and thus facilitate Net transformations in French companies and institutions. Thanks to a collective intelligence, a new list of 100 international initiatives stemming from the digital culture allowed to highlight “the 10 Netxplorers of the year” whose projects have had a recognized impact on the economic and/or societal activity.