Our jobs

Strategic advice

Our definition: “The art of designing, organizing and coordinating on and off-line communication initiatives to support and achieve corporate objectives.”    

Strategic consulting is the agency mainstay. We develop tailor-made and original communication strategies based on an in-depth analysis of our clients needs. When the basics have been established, all the modes of expression selected and implemented are orchestrated in such a way as to ensure the coherence and relevance of the proposed strategy, always with the set objectives in mind. 

Public relations

Our definition: “Creation of a lasting and durable relationship that results from an alchemy between your interests and those of the media news, allowing you to increase the visibility of a brand or a company.” 

Public relations cannot be summed up as simply putting our clients in touch with the media. Its contours are much more complex and protean. They consider your sector of activity and your stakes: image, notoriety, governance, economic, competitive, sociological or political context, all in a revolutionary media universe. Alchimia Communication covers a set of internal and external expertises able to answer these stakes.  

Analytics & metrics   

Any good strategy must be measurable ! Starting from this reality, Alchimia Communication proposes to realize, at the end of each operation, a qualitative and quantitative assessment according to the metrics that we have selected together beforehand. These assessments can be monthly, annual or realized on demand during a special operation and according to your needs. Your KPIs are then at your disposal for a precious help in decision making !  

Influence and e-réputation 

Our definition: “The art of mastering the propagation of a company’s messages through its tools and those of external parties (media, influencers, bloggers).” 

The agency accompanies you in the management of your communication tools and in the management of your brand image in the “traditional” media and on the web to make your brand shine and to gild your (e)-reputation. 


Devenus l’un des piliers de la communication digitale, vous ne pourrez plus vous passer de ces e-influenceurs pour diffuser vos messages à leurs communautés. Grâce à une connaissance approfondie des influenceurs qu’ils soient As they have become one of the pillars of digital communication, you can no longer do without these e-influencers to broadcast your messages to their communities. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of influencers, whether they are bloggers, twittos, LinkedIn ambassadors, Instagrammers or tiktokers, Alchimia Communication builds with all these communities a trustworthy, efficient and long-lasting relationship. 

Community Management  

Community management is the keystone of any digital strategy. Being present online requires creating content, appropriate for brands and Internet users, associated with a digital watch of your image and the competition. Our vision of CM: originality, creativity, interactivity !  

We write your web-friendly content, identify key users and relevant influencers to “start the conversation”.    

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of social media, communities and e-influencers, Alchimia Communication allows you to build a long-lasting relationship with the communities interested in your brand on the social web. 

Editorial planning 

What to publish and when ? Alchimia Communication proposes to its customers a detailed editorial planning, considering the different codes of each social network, to allow a tactical diffusion of the publications. 

Media Partnerships

Our definition: “Conception of win-win visibility exchange devices.”  

Alchimia Communication has developed a complete expertise in terms of partnerships with the various on and offline media which can be declined in the form of:   

Visibility partnerships: exchange of visibility through logo exchanges, contests, etc.   

Editorial partnerships: designed to highlight your content and your positioning, they can take various forms.   

Crisis management

Our definition: “A set of processes, tools and means to deal with a strong media issue, in a fast and efficient way.”  

Our agency has a proven methodology for dealing with all types of media crises:   

  • Setting up of a crisis unit and implementation of tools.   
  • Immediate watch as soon as the first alert signals are identified.  
  • Establishment of the alert procedure according to the level of the crisis.  
  • Real-time reporting.  
  • Coordination with all stakeholders (management, legal, communication, etc.)   
  • Deployment of an ad hoc strategy. 


Our definition: “Transmission of the keys to understanding the digital world allowing you to take control of the networks independently.”  

Animate a Facebook page, create and feed a Twitter feed, use the opportunities of Hootsuite, keep a blog, open your Pinterest account, share your favorites on Instagram… If you have the desire, the time or the need to take control of one of the “branches” of your digital ecosystem… we advise you, train you and accompany you from THE beginning to THE end. Because on the social web, there is not only the know-how, but also the social skills. Before launching yourself, learn to master the “jargon”, the uses and codes of these communities !   

Creation and administration of blogs  

Today, it is essential for a company to create its own and original content. Google will be more grateful for the indexation of your pages! Alchimia agency has internal resources specialized in the creation of company blogs to allow you to spread your word of expert on the web.  

In addition, we also manage the administration of the publication of contents to the integration of widgets and other statistical tools. You have something to say? We offer you a framework to express yourself !    

Contents and Containers

Our definition: “The art of producing tactical content intended for all the media and digital supports of the brand in order to tell its story, its expertise and create links.”    

Alchimia Communication proposes to create your contents, varied and multi-supports, in order to convey your your messages to the good places, the good moments and the good people.